The Voice of the Traveler

The Voice of the Traveler

Business travelers in a recent survey performed by BTN characterized travel as a fundamental work enablement mechanism for their current roles. More than 83 percent of 309 full-time workers said that business travel was “important” or…
The Now Normal, Balancing CHange.

The ‘Now’ Normal
Balancing Change

We have all heard the phrase, ‘change is the only constant’. While this may feel true, we must ask ourselves what aspects of change are imperative to incorporate into your travel programs, and how do they align within your foundational …
What Dictates a Succesful Trip 3

What Dictates a Successful Trip?

Was your trip successful? Unfortunately, it is complicated, yet this could be a terrific place to start. The traveler may be considering their trip successful based upon the quality of the meetings, if the flights were on time, hotel room clean…
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Work Travel
Is Suddenly
a Lot More Work

Higher fares and tighter budgets add a degree of difficulty for travelers planning business trips. Booking a business trip today isn’t as simple as clicking “Buy” on your go-to airline and heading for the airport lounge.
How to be a More Sustainable Traveler

How To Be a
More Sustainable Traveler

(April 2022) Corporate travel programs across the world are making a commitment to sustainable travel. They are adjusting their policies, measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint and identifying ways to travel more purposefully. They…
The Business Travel Trends of 2022

The Business Traveler Trends for 2022

(February 2022) The travel industry has been forecasting and reforecasting the return to business travel. What is rarely discussed is how the traveler’s expectations fit into these equations and what is trending by way of new approaches…
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U.S. Travelers Face Long Wait Times for Passport Renewals

(July, 2021) As international travel begins to return, the timing to process a passport renewal has increased to nearly twice as long as before the pandemic. Previously, a routine service was between six and eight weeks for a passport renewal.…
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Traveler’s Guide for Getting ​​​​​Back to Business Travel

(June, 2021) TI's Key Tips and Advice for a Well Prepared Trip​​​​​​ Do your travelers have a business trip coming up? It may be their first trip in quite a while, and a lot has likely changed since they were last on the road.…
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Does Boarding Sequence Impact Choice of Flight?

(November, 2019) What boarding process is best? That’s the age-old question that lingers in the airline industry and among frequent flyers. With there being no one standard process that all airlines adhere to, it leaves room for travelers…
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Why Everyone Should Have a Frequent Flyer Number

(September, 2019) What are the benefits of having a Frequent Flyer number? While the perks of joining a frequent flyer program vary from carrier to carrier, all programs offer benefits to travelers, and most are completely free - so there's…