The Voice of the Traveler

Business travelers in a recent survey performed by BTN characterized travel as a fundamental work enablement mechanism for their current roles.

More than 83 percent of 309 full-time workers said that business travel was “important” or “very important” to their job success, and over 84 percent said it was “important” or “very important” to their job satisfaction—and that latter number has become increasingly important.

Corporations around the world are reviewing options to attract and retain employees in a tight labor market. While some travel programs and policies may not be the final pivot point upon which employees decide to stay or go, more candidates are requesting a copy of the travel policy prior to accepting a new position. As a result, companies are paying attention and taking the time to review and reassess what is perceived by travelers as being a central enabler to their success.

While you may be considering distributing the BTN Survey to your travelers, you may also be interested to see what the results were for pre-trip, during and after travel. The results are as follows:


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