TMCs Using AI To Target Low-Hanging Fruit:' Inbound Email Automation

TMCs Using AI To Target ‘Low-Hanging Fruit:’ Inbound Email Automation

Asked how the world's largest travel management company was applying artificial intelligence, American Express Global Business Travel CEO Paul Abbott in December said inbound email automation was "the biggest area of low-hanging fruit." Another…
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At Travel Incorporated,
Amgine’s AI Platform
Pushes Agent Productivity

Under pressure to improve efficiency, travel management companies are working to automate responses to travel planning requests from travelers sent by email.
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Why You Should Digitize your Proof of Vaccination

(August, 2021) What is a Digital Vaccine Card? Digital vaccine cards are digital documents that securely verify and keep track of a traveler’s vaccination status. As vaccines roll out around the world, these documents may soon be required…
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The Touchless Travel Technology Experience

(April, 2021) What to expect from the Surge of Self-Service Technology  There has been a massive shift toward touchless technology since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many travelers have grown to expect the enhanced efficiency that…
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Major U.S. Airlines Sustainability, and What You Can Do

(March, 2021) There are significant steps and commitments underway from the airline industry to not only be carbon neutral, but to achieve net zero emissions within the next 30 years. We've broken down what this means in practical terms,…
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The Use of Technology to Reduce COVID-19 at Airports

(May, 2020) We know that many airlines are requiring passengers to wear face masks, limiting passengers on flights and updating cleaning procedures, but what else are airports doing to support these policies and new social distancing rules? Airports…
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Travel Incorporated Named as 2020 Top Travel and Hospitality Technology Solutions

(April, 2020) Duluth, GA— CIO Applications has named Travel Incorporated (TI) a Top 10 Travel and Hospitality Technology Solutions Provider for 2020. The recognition derives from CIO Application’s annual listing of 10 companies that are…
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Tomorrow’s Technology: Interview with SAP Concur’s Ralph Colunga

(March, 2020) [Transcript from Interview with SAP Concur's Ralph Colunga] What are your thoughts as they relate to today's travel technology and how to take advantage without being inundated? The tools that SAP Concur is bringing out, specifically…
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Mobile Passport Scanning with American Airlines

(December, 2019) American Airlines has become a trail-blazer in the airline industry when it comes to passport scanning.  Recently, the airline announced a new mobile app passport feature that gives international travelers a more convenient…
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Four Things You Need to Know About Biometric Airport Screening

(August, 2019) Get ready to smile. Facial recognition machines are slowly popping up at local airports across the country and many travelers may be uninformed about this new security measure. Thoughts and questions about privacy come to mind…