Why You Should Digitize your Proof of Vaccination

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(August, 2021)

What is a Digital Vaccine Card?

Digital vaccine cards are digital documents that securely verify and keep track of a traveler’s vaccination status. As vaccines roll out around the world, these documents may soon be required for travel or entry to not only the destination, but to many major spaces, similar to a drivers license or passport.

Whether you simply wish to store your vaccination information, or you have misplaced the original CDC card, we have the instructions to effectively recover and upload your proof of vaccination. 

Recovering your Proof of Vaccination

Many people may not have thought to retain their CDC vaccination card, or may have lost it. Unfortunately, there is no single national organization or service that provides verification or copies of the Covid-19 vaccine in the United States, nor does the CDC have vaccination record information. The first step is for you to contact the service provider where you obtained the vaccine to inquire of the process to obtain a copy.

Alternatively, your state may have additional resources through their Immunization Information Systems (IIS) that can guide you for further options.  To learn more about immunization registries, start here

Benefits of Digital Cards

All travelers should consider digitizing their vaccination for safekeeping during travel. Not only are digital immunization records easier to keep track of than paper, they’re much more secure, with verified apps and security helping to keep health data safer than if paper were to be lost.

These digital cards can also be conveniently scanned for entry to certain locations, and help to reduce the risk of delays at airports and venues, making for quick and simple travel through entry points.

Options for Digitizing Your Card

There is also no single, digital solution or nationally accepted app within  the United States for digitizing your vaccination card.  As you consider the safety and security of your personal and health information, we have listed those currently available for your review: 


  • Clear Health Pass: Used by many venues and sporting organizations including NBA, MGM Resorts and the 0/11 Memorial & Museum. 
  • CommonPass was specifically designed for travel and has been rolled out for use by JetBlue, United, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.
  • VeriFLY also used primarily for travel, has been the app of choice for American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia.


  • IATA Travel Pass The International Air Travel Association is working in partnership with the WHO to help airports accommodate travelers from multiple countries with different forms of health documentation.  Currently being trialed with several airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and Qantas, the IATA TravelPass app is available for download, but only accessible by invitation via code provided by a participating airline.
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