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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation

Presents both excitement and challenges for individuals and business professionals, emerging as a dynamic and transformative force in the travel industry. Its potential lies in enhancing the traveler experience and optimizing operational efficiencies. Despite the frequent interchangeability of the terms AI and Automation, each plays a distinct role in the technological landscape.

Automation simplifies tasks by leveraging technology without human intervention. Our developers craft self-operating processes to handle repetitive and manual tasks ultimately saving time, reducing errors, and boosting productivity. In contrast, AI goes beyond mere task execution; it possesses the capability to learn from data, make decisions, and emulate human cognitive functions. This involves integrating intricate data sets for analysis, learning and making predictive or prescriptive decisions, which can then be incorporated into automation processes.

Within Travel Incorporated, our internal Travel Technology Solutions team of developers harnesses AI to bring substantial advancements and efficiencies to the workflows of our contact center. A concrete example of this is Policy IQ, a newly developed platform. Policy IQ supports policy adherence by aligning individual travelers’ needs with their company’s travel policy, offering precise and seamless guidance to travel consultants. It ensures transparency in instances where deviations from the policy occur.

Group and Transient Travel

There’s a notable trend gaining momentum: the integration of group and incentive travel into the primary travel program. While smaller internal meetings are still overseen by administrators, there’s a growing inclination to pool resources, alleviating administrative burdens and enhancing negotiating leverage with air carriers. The industry has witnessed an overall 18% surge in group travel compared to pre-pandemic levels, with Travel Incorporated observing an even more robust growth rate among our clients.

Our specialized Group Travel Partners (GTP) team at Travel Incorporated offers a personalized and high-touch service tailored for group, meeting and incentive travel. We utilize advanced registration tools, including Cvent and Groupize, along with comprehensive property sourcing and on-site management services. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in learning more about how GTP can enhance your organization’s travel experience.

Traveler Wellness and Safety

While prioritizing traveler safety is a constant concern, the 2024 trend focuses on companies actively integrating additional considerations for traveler wellness into their travel policies.

Travelers are increasingly aware of how their efforts directly impact their company’s growth and profitability. When away from home, they seek travel policies that not only offer flexibility but also support their personal wellness while maintaining fiscal responsibility. A few examples of this approach include:

  • Approvals for employees traveling alone to avoid late-night flights by opting for a more suitable and potentially more expensive itinerary.
  • Allowances for flexible work hours when weekend travel is necessary, promoting a healthy work/life balance.

These trends represent just a glimpse into our dynamic business travel industry. By keeping you informed, we strive to contribute to the success of your travel program and, ultimately, your business.

We sincerely appreciate your business, valuing each traveler engagement. As we navigate the ever-changing business travel environment, we are dedicated to finding new ways to service and support your needs. Thank you for your partnership and here’s to a successful and rewarding 2024!

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