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(November 2022) Countries all around the world are opening to business travelers, and while some in Asia have been slightly slower than others to remove restrictions, the opening of both Japan and Hong Kong over the past few weeks is setting the pace for the entire region.

US Flight Delays and Cancellations-Self Inflicted

(August 2022) The past few months have been chaotic for business travelers with flight delays, last minute cancellations and significant reductions in routes impacting flights by the thousands, causing a sense of uncertainty and concern for most travelers. Although significant heat and weather disturbances along with the occasional computer glitches have contributed to the challenges, […]

How Travelers Can Better Manage Air-Related Disruptions

(August 2022) Last week while traveling on business, a flight was oversold due to a change in aircraft and the airline needed to rebook 17 travelers. They started offering gift cards – not airline vouchers – if the traveler wanted to take a later flight. Within 10 minutes, the offers escalated to offering the traveler […]

European Strikes and Airport Caps What
You Need to Know

(August 2022) Over the past few months, European airlines and their hub airports have been struggling to manage demand, facing similar challenges as the U.S. with staffing shortages and canceled routes. As a result, key international airports have decided to put capacity limits on their incoming and outgoing flights, while airline workers are adding to […]