2024 Travel Market Report

Travel Market

Travel Incorporated has taken the input of various sources including The Economist, air passenger market analysis from IATA, the OAG (Official Airline Guide) and BCD, our global servicing partner, to combine and summarize the most significant…
Boeing and the Focus on Safety

and the Focus
on Safety

The past few years have kept Boeing in the public eye due to concerns over a lack of safety protocols within their manufacturing processes. The numerous incidents have brought about regulatory scrutiny and federal investigations. …
Ban On TT

How would a ban on TikTok impact Business Travel?

Business Travel policies, guidelines and directives have historically been focused on cost avoidance, savings, and traveler safety. While social media has not been considered having or contributing to an impact to these areas, it is becoming…
Travel Incorporated - Viewpoint

Key Industry
Trends for

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Presents both excitement and challenges for individuals and business professionals, emerging as a dynamic and transformative force in the travel industry. Its potential lies in enhancing the traveler…
Rebuilding a Best in Class Travel and Expense Policy

Rebuilding a Best In Class Travel and Expense Policy

(09-28-2023) TRAVEL Establishing a Committee: Whether reviewing or rebuilding your policies, create a committee to include all relevant stakeholders. This includes not only divisional stakeholders such as Human Resources, Risk Management,…
2024 Hotel Sourcing

Hotel Sourcing Season 2024 – What Lies Ahead

(09-28-2023) Sourcing hotels is normalizing! While we see continuous change in all areas of preferred supplier negotiations, the hotel sector is working towards increasing transparency and partnerships with their corporate customers. KEY…
2024 GBTA Global Biz Travel Predictions

2024 Global Business Travel: Projections and Perspectives

(09-28-2023) The Global Business Travel Association released its predictions with an exciting projection for 2024 of surpassing the global pre-pandemic business level spend to $1.4 trillion. This forecast further extends growth to $1.8 trillion…
The Voice of the Traveler

The Voice of the Traveler

Business travelers in a recent survey performed by BTN characterized travel as a fundamental work enablement mechanism for their current roles. More than 83 percent of 309 full-time workers said that business travel was “important” or…
The Now Normal, Balancing CHange.

The ‘Now’ Normal
Balancing Change

We have all heard the phrase, ‘change is the only constant’. While this may feel true, we must ask ourselves what aspects of change are imperative to incorporate into your travel programs, and how do they align within your foundational …