2024 Travel Market Report

Travel Market

Travel Incorporated has taken the input of various sources including The Economist, air passenger market analysis from IATA, the OAG (Official Airline Guide) and BCD, our global servicing partner, to combine and summarize the most significant…
Boeing and the Focus on Safety

and the Focus
on Safety

The past few years have kept Boeing in the public eye due to concerns over a lack of safety protocols within their manufacturing processes. The numerous incidents have brought about regulatory scrutiny and federal investigations. …
Ban On TT

How would a ban on TikTok impact Business Travel?

Business Travel policies, guidelines and directives have historically been focused on cost avoidance, savings, and traveler safety. While social media has not been considered having or contributing to an impact to these areas, it is becoming…
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New European Union
Entry Requirements Planned for 2024

The European Union is putting into place a new entry requirement for 2024 which will require travelers, including those from the US, to apply for an entry authorization prior to traveling to the Schengen region of the EU.
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At Travel Incorporated,
Amgine’s AI Platform
Pushes Agent Productivity

Under pressure to improve efficiency, travel management companies are working to automate responses to travel planning requests from travelers sent by email.
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New Distribution Capabilities,
and American Airlines

Travel distribution continues to evolve as does our business travel industry as a whole.  Travel Incorporated embraces change and maintains our position not only as thought leaders, but as leaders ahead of the technology and innovation tre…
Download our whitepaper The Value of a Structured Travel Program

The Value of a
Structured Travel Program

Many companies refer to their travel policies and employee travel process as either ‘managed’ or ‘unmanaged’ travel programs. The ‘managed’ program has been referenced as a process serviced and supported by a Travel Management Company…
TI Go Green Sustainable Travel 1

4 Steps to Creating a
Sustainable Travel Program

Whether you are kicking off a program from scratch, or diving deeper into the opportunities to fully replace your company’s carbon footprint, Travel Incorporated has summarized 4 steps that will guide you to effectively measure, manage and…
Travel Incorporated Your Expert on Government Travel

Travel Incorporated
Your Expert on
Government Travel

Today’s government organizations are challenged by the ongoing necessity of cost containment, while maintaining flexibility to immediately shift priorities, including the deployment of teams on a moment’s notice. Enhanced technology is critical…
Airport Caps: Heathrow removes Schiphol extends

Airport Caps:
Heathrow removes;
Schiphol extends

(November 2022) Over the past six months, European airports have struggled to manage the passenger demand due to staffing issues and entry processes. Two of the largest airports, London Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol International airport…