Why Everyone Should Have a Frequent Flyer Number

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(September, 2019)

What are the benefits of having a Frequent Flyer number?

While the perks of joining a frequent flyer program vary from carrier to carrier, all programs offer benefits to travelers, and most are completely free – so there’s no reason not to sign up! Once you are enrolled in a program, you can begin earning status in order to gain rewards and perks, such as the following:

Check in Easily

Signing up for a frequent flyer program allows airlines to store your information, making check-in a quick and easy process. Technology such as apps on your mobile phone can assist with the check-in process and even provide updates with real-time flight status, making all of your historic and current flight information available in the palm of your hand. Once you have enrolled in any and all airline loyalty programs, make sure to update your Concur profile with this information. Travel Incorporated will automatically pull loyalty information into reservations, ensuring you build up those important loyalty points.

Save Money

Many airlines will offer discounts, check your bags for free, or allow free same-day changes if you have a Frequent Flyer number. Some airlines will also automatically upgrade your seat type. Delta Air Lines, for example, will typically upgrade Platinum or Diamond members to Delta Comfort Plus automatically, and then to first or business class if they are available closer to departure. You can also use your points towards free WiFi or meals in-flight, and some airlines even have contests like raffles or drawings for free miles and tickets for their members.

Travel in Luxury

In addition to upgrades to more comfortable seating, you can get access to a great assortment of amenities based on your level of status. This often includes priority boarding and access to lounges at various airports. As a business traveler, delays and cancellations can come at any moment and having access to these amenities are of great worth.

Go Beyond the Airport

Don’t just stick to Frequent Flyer benefits – enrolling in any travel loyalty program, from airports to hotels, has its benefits. In the end you’ll save time and money, resulting in an enhanced business travel experience.


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