What Dictates a Succesful Trip 3

What Dictates a Successful Trip?

Was your trip successful? Unfortunately, it is complicated, yet this could be a terrific place to start. The traveler may be considering their trip successful based upon the quality of the meetings, if the flights were on time, hotel room clean…
How to be a More Sustainable Traveler

How To Be a
More Sustainable Traveler

(April 2022) Corporate travel programs across the world are making a commitment to sustainable travel. They are adjusting their policies, measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint and identifying ways to travel more purposefully. They…
Finding Balance in the new Hybrid Work Environment

The New Virtual and Hybrid Workspace Environments

(January 2022) Companies are continuing to reevaluate the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of hybrid work environments. This corporate consideration involves technology infrastructure, security protocols, and cost containment, but…