Traveler’s Guide for Getting ​​​​​Back to Business Travel

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(June, 2021)

TI’s Key Tips and Advice for a Well Prepared Trip​​​​​​

Do your travelers have a business trip coming up? It may be their first trip in quite a while, and a lot has likely changed since they were last on the road. What should you be doing to ensure a seamless and safe experience? We’ve compiled some key steps you may want to consider as travelers get back on the road.

As you build out your traveler communication and guidelines, we have prepared an infographic to include in your messaging. You can Download the Infographic Here.
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Refresh on Company Travel Policies 

As many aspects of travel have shifted over the past year, and travel requirements are constantly changing, policies that were once familiar to your travelers may now include new or different components and guidelines. Be sure to emphasize the specific updates and any new processes including travel approvals, preferred suppliers or updates to profile information, for example, including mobile phone as part of your duty of care program.

Research Covid-19 Requirements

Encourage your travelers to read up on their destination’s entry parameters, including vaccination, negative test results and quarantine requirements. For international travel, entry requirements can change frequently, so encourage your travelers to revalidate a week prior to departure.

Many airlines are also requesting forms validating vaccination or testing information prior to travel. To reduce friction upon check-in, it is encouraged that your travelers complete all information digitally to decrease delays or challenges during the boarding process.

Depending on the destination and complete itinerary for your travelers, a return Covid-19 test result may be required to re-enter the United States. Your travelers should identify what regional Covid-19 testing centers are available, or consider purchasing an at home test for the return trip to avoid any local testing delays.

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With many aspects of travel constantly adjusting as we learn new information, it’s possible you or your travelers may run into unexpected or additional travel requirements, delays or changes. Planning ahead will allow you and your travelers to anticipate any disruptions for minimal impact to their journey.

Plan for Any Covid-19 Requirements

If your travelers are required to take a Covid-19 test before traveling, be sure they schedule their pre-departure test to receive results within time requirements set by your company or airline. Remind them to schedule any quarantine arrangements if needed either at their destination, or at home once they return.

Check Travel Documents and Identification

Your travelers should check the validity of their identification cards, loyalty programs and other travel documents. Many loyalty programs have adjusted their offerings for safer and more efficient travel, so it’s worthwhile to look into whether their loyalty programs have begun to offer any new benefits, such as discounted testing, fast-track airport processing, touchless offerings or other traveler benefits.

Organize Necessary Documents

Remind your travelers to gather all of their travel documents, test results, and vaccine certifications in a central and easily-accessible location before they travel. As a best practice, suggest they make photocopies of all documentation in the event of loss or theft. In addition, it may be helpful to consider a digital health pass for your travelers if it’s accepted by their destination and airline, to help keep all of their testing documents in order.

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As always, your traveler’s safety is our number one priority. As your company returns to travel, be sure to prepare for any unexpected health events, delays due to limited airline routings, and any traveler apprehension or uncertainty that may result.

Emergency Information

Create a single location where links can be easily accessed by your travelers for companywide emergency support. This should include your Travel Incorporated contact details, and any Duty of Care details including 3rd party international/regional  medical and security service partners.

Health and Safety Materials

Encourage travelers to pack any prescription medication, bringing more than they typically need for the duration of their trip to allow for any possible delays or setbacks. It also may benefit them to bring their own Covid-19 health kit, with items such as extra face masks and gloves, hand sanitizers, medications, reusable water bottles, etc. that they may need during travel.

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We have all learned best-practices for staying as safe and healthy as possible over the past year including frequent hand-washing, hand sanitizing and safe distancing whenever possible. Travelers should continue keeping these best-practices in mind throughout their journey.

Eliminate Touch Points

Travelers should use contactless options wherever possible, such as checking in online for flights, hotels and parking. In addition, many food and beverage vendors offer the option of using apps to order, especially in the airport. Travelers should also consider using contactless payments in places that they are accepted.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Changes

Along with following the preparation guidelines above, it’s recommended that your travelers arrive at the airport earlier than usual to account for any unexpected checkpoints. If they do run into any setbacks, we are here to help as best as we can.

Enable Feedback Post-Trip

Finally, encourage travelers to share their feedback post-trip with both yourself, and Travel Incorporated, so we can make any improvements and support safe and comfortable travel experience. As your company returns to the road, we want to ensure you and your travelers are having the best and healthiest experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​

We’re here to help you safely get back on the road. For additional information, or if you have questions that have not been addressed above, please contact your Travel Incorporated Client Success Manager, or visit the TI Covid-19 Information Hub.

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