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Travelers Face New Requirements Post-Brexit

(January, 2021) Effective January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom officially severed ties with the European Union, and U.K. citizens faced new travel regulations as a result. The U.K. is now considered a “third country” with limitations put on the free travel between countries. As each of the EU states remain sovereign nations, each country has […]


Requiring Pre-Trip Notifications or Approvals

(November, 2020) What is right for your organization? Over the past few months, many of our customers have enhanced their travel management programs to include a more structured process for ensuring safety through Duty of Care. We’ve approached this topic by outlining the options we make available for pre-trip notifications and pre-trip approvals. Click Here […]

Removal of Change Fees Impact on Travel Programs

(September, 2020) While many changes were made by the airline partners as a result of the dramatically reduced travelers, the removal of both domestic and international change fees may have the biggest impact on the business travel community.   On the surface, this appears to be extremely good news for corporate travel programs, as the typical […]

Return to Travel Planning – Hotel Negotiations

(September, 2020) This 3rd segment in TI’s Return to Travel Planning series focuses on the Hotel Industry. There have been conflicting opinions in the press as to if, let alone when, the timing might be right to reengage with your global hotel partners. This article focuses on the state of the hotel industry, how we are seeing it rebound, and our recommendations as […]

The Use of Technology to Reduce COVID-19 at Airports

(May, 2020) We know that many airlines are requiring passengers to wear face masks, limiting passengers on flights and updating cleaning procedures, but what else are airports doing to support these policies and new social distancing rules? Airports in the U.S. and internationally are testing thermal cameras, sanitation booths and other technologies in hopes of […]

Travel Incorporated Named as 2020 Top Travel and Hospitality Technology Solutions

(April, 2020) Duluth, GA— CIO Applications has named Travel Incorporated (TI) a Top 10 Travel and Hospitality Technology Solutions Provider for 2020. The recognition derives from CIO Application’s annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Travel and Hospitality Technology solutions and transforming businesses. “We have considered the vendor’s ability in […]

COVID-19 and Hotel Hygiene

(April, 2020) Every part of the travel industry has been impacted by COVID-19, and the hotel industry is no exception. Whether the properties have temporarily closed or have been servicing guests during this period, hotels across the globe are taking extra measures to ensure the cleanliness and health for both travelers and staff. See what […]

Managing Travel During a Pandemic

(March, 2020) Managing travel in the best of times can be a challenge, but during a pandemic can by its very nature create an abundance of situations that previously were never imagined. TI has put together a few best practices for your consideration. Duty of Care Traveler tracking and communication is essential. You need the […]

Balancing Culture and Cost Savings – Interview with SAP Concur’s Ralph Colunga

(March, 2020) [Transcript from Interview with SAP Concur’s Ralph Colunga] One of the most topical components for procurement management and Travel Managers is finding the right balance between culture and cost savings.  How do you see technology playing a part in this balance and how can our clients appreciate the need to provide more flexibility […]