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The Expanding Role of the Travel Manager

(January, 2022) Today’s companies are identifying new ways to grow their business in an ever-changing environment, with new challenges and new expectations arising every day. The role of Travel Managers around the world, and their related responsibilities, has risen in visibility at the executive level largely due to the need for stronger risk management initiatives […]

Forecasting your 2022 Travel Budget

The Why Behind Rate Increases We are all pleased to see a solid rebound in business travel experiences. Unfortunately, a recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) study outlines an expectation for rate increases in each travel sector for the next two years, based upon a number of reasons.  Starting with 2022, increases are forecasted as […]

Business Travel Index – Global Travel Surge Expected

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently released the results of its latest Business Travel Index–the BTI Outlook, predicting that business travel spending will surge in 2022, with full recovery of pre-pandemic levels expected in 2024. 2021 Travel Analysis The global business travel recovery that began in late 2020 encountered a few challenges in 2021, […]

4 Steps to Build a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Culture

Whether you are a small business or global enterprise, it is a fundamental responsibility to shift mindsets, behaviors and practices towards a more equitable and inclusive organizational culture. This is not simply about laws that apply to discrimination as protected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), but a humanitarian and mindful approach to how […]

Why Your Company Should Measure Emissions

Business leaders and executives have shifted their attention to sustainability in recent years as a business imperative to reduce their environmental impact. One of the most significant ways companies can begin the journey toward reducing their carbon footprint is through monitoring carbon emissions. We’ve outlined the standard for emission measurements as defined by Greenhouse Gas […]

What are Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programs?

Commercial air travel accounts for 3-4% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. As such, airlines are beginning to acknowledge this impact on the environment, and many are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions by switching from traditional fossil-derived jet fuels, to fuels made from renewable sources that produce lower emissions. We’ve outlined the basics […]

Comprehensive Guide to EU Travel Restrictions

(September, 2021) Are U.S. travelers allowed into the European Union? On August 30th, the United States was removed from the European Council’s approved countries list due to the rise of Covid-19 and the Delta variant, and will remain off the list until reaching fewer than 75 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. As a result, European countries […]

U.S. to Lift Travel Ban for Vaccinated Foreign Visitors

(September, 2021) Since March of last year, the United States has put forth stringent entry requirements for all non-U.S. citizens who wished to enter the country. Although not every country was banned from entering, many individuals had to jump through hoops and workarounds by first traveling to, and spending two weeks in, an intermediate country […]

Why You Should Digitize your Proof of Vaccination

(August, 2021) What is a Digital Vaccine Card? Digital vaccine cards are digital documents that securely verify and keep track of a traveler’s vaccination status. As vaccines roll out around the world, these documents may soon be required for travel or entry to not only the destination, but to many major spaces, similar to a […]

Canada: Border Entry and Travel Requirements

(August, 2021) While the U.S. has extended the ban on non-essential travelers entering the country’s land borders of Canada and Mexico through September 21, the Canadian border reopened to American travelers on August 9th, with a few requirements in place for visitors. To assist our travelers with what you need to know for entering as […]