European Strikes and Airport Caps What You Need to Know

European Strikes and Airport Caps What
You Need to Know

(August 2022) Over the past few months, European airlines and their hub airports have been struggling to manage demand, facing similar challenges as the U.S. with staffing shortages and canceled routes. As a result, key international airports…
Moving Forward

Working Together: Moving Our Travel Programs Forward

(May 2022) We are seeing it every day - business travel is growing and service expectations are high.  Travel Incorporated is focusing our attention on the needs  of our clients, their travelers and how we jointly understand that business…
How to be a More Sustainable Traveler

How To Be a
More Sustainable Traveler

(April 2022) Corporate travel programs across the world are making a commitment to sustainable travel. They are adjusting their policies, measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint and identifying ways to travel more purposefully. They…
Sustainable Travel doesn't have to cost more

Sustainable Travel Doesn’t Have To Cost More

(April 2022) As many approaches to reducing your company’s carbon footprint suggest a higher cost to your budget, this is not always the case.  To support some initial considerations for reducing carbon emissions and cost, we offer the following…
endemic or seasonal virus 1

How Testing and One-Way Masking Are Evolving

(March 2022) This past month, the Airlines for America’s (A4A) board of directors sent a letter to President Joe Biden and members of his administration, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, urging them to drop federal Covid-19…

Projecting Costs: BTN Corporate Travel Index

(March 2022) Projecting costs and managing budgets in post-pandemic periods is challenging. However, with the analysis from the BTN (Business Travel News) Corporate Travel Index, much of the guess work can be reduced by understanding the shifts…

Travel Industry

(March 2022) Industry experts have been forecasting and predicting what the Return to Travel would look like post-pandemic. The estimates have been reported during airline, hotel and ground transportation forward guidance during the quarterly…
The Business Travel Trends of 2022

The Business Traveler Trends for 2022

(February 2022) The travel industry has been forecasting and reforecasting the return to business travel. What is rarely discussed is how the traveler’s expectations fit into these equations and what is trending by way of new approaches…
Mileage Reimbursements vs Rental Car Calculations

Mileage Reimbursements vs. Rental Car Calculations

(February 2022) Corporate Travel Departments continue to review their travel policies to incorporate higher safety and health standards, approval parameters for air travel, and now are considering a shift to rental cars over personal vehicle…