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The Beat recognizes Travel Incorporated as one of three leading Travel Management Companies who are using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring about a more efficient and easier way of accessing travel program data. For the full article, click here.

‘AI’ and ‘Bots:’ What are They?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, automates computer processes to understand and mimic the human brain. It combines natural language processing and machine learning to translate computer understanding to speech or text, while learning new information from data and behavior without having to be specifically programmed. By bringing these two areas together, computers are now able to respond to specific questions and dramatically improve response time.

A Bot, is short for an Internet Robot. It is a software application that runs automated tasks that are typically structured and repetitive at a much higher rate than would be possible by a human. It allows responses to questions without the actual engagement of another person, for example an online restaurant reservation.

TI – Leading the Way with E-V-A: Evolution Voice-response Assistant

E-V-A: Evolution Voice-response Assistant responds to questions through any Amazon voice device to bring about immediate access to the travel data you need. Using TI-generated data analytics, E-V-A is powered by the TI Bot Engine, providing self-service solutions by voice, integrating SMS, and chat. Everyone in the organization can benefit from E-V-A. Travel Program Managers receive real-time information on spend, duty of care, and trip data, while travelers can immediately check on upcoming trips and invoices.

TI understands that making data actionable is more of a winning proposition than simply having access to data. By moving toward Bot technology and push notifications, TI will ensure its clients and their travelers will have the information they need, when they need it, and how they want it.

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