Travel Incorporated has developed a mobile application designed for the self-service traveler, delivering immediate access to all your business travel details.

Yes. TI Mobile can be downloaded at either Google Play or the App Store.

No. TI Mobile is a free app designed to provide easy access to your travel information.

TI Mobile provides immediate access to the traveler’s eItinerary; access to your corporate Travel Hub; click-to-call, chat or email access to a travel consultant; sync functionality with your calendar, as well as eItinerary sync with your colleagues; and link to Concur Mobile if your company uses Concur Travel.

If your company is not a Single Sign On User – the traveler should select “Standard”. If the company has Single Sign on, they will then select the SSO option.

Standard Login

  • For all Standard logins, the traveler will be directed to enter their Company ID, User ID and password.
  • It is recommended to start out by simply clicking on the reset password button, which will trigger an email that supplies the Company ID, User ID and information for your password.
  • For information, the user ID is their last name (space) first name as used for their travel profile.

Single Sign On

  • For all Single Sign On clients, after selecting the SSO tab, the traveler will be directed to go to their Travel Hub where there will be a TI Mobile window. A one-time code will be made available to them which they will then enter on the TI Mobile log in page.
  • After the traveler has logged into TI Mobile via Single Sign On, they will be directed to a preferences page, which will allow them the option to set up a security code. Should the traveler elect to enter a security code, they will be required to reenter this each time the open the TI Mobile application

Click on the “Resest Your Password” link and enter your traveler profile email address. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

  • Once you have reset your password, you have the option to “Remember Me,” which will allow you to skip this step in the future and stay signed in.
  • If you select “log out” at any time, you will need to reenter your password.

If you have selected “Remember Me” and “Stay Signed In,” you will remain logged in until you manually select the “log out” option from the Home page. Once you log out, you will need to re-enter your password information.

Yes. TI Mobile provides immediate access to the traveler’s eItinerary, which includes:

  • Current, past, and upcoming trip information
  • Add trip event to itinerary
  • Share all or part of itinerary with family or colleagues
  • Local restaurant information
  • My trips access, including invoices
  • Synchronizing calendar

TI’s Mobile Calendar Sync feature keeps all eItineraries in sync via your mobile device.

The TI Mobile App receives eItineraries via your mobile device and then syncs them to a specified calendar of your choice.

eItin Sync allows the traveler to provide designated colleagues or travel admins access to your travel details. Located on the menu portion of the eItinerary of your TI Mobile app, the eItin sync feature allows you to keep your managers or colleagues in the know by connecting one or all trips with those you trust – right from your eItinerary. It’s simple…you set connections, they launch TI mobile, and eItin Sync takes it from there.

Yes. Through the eItin Sync feature, each of the travelers that have provided you access to their itineraries will appear on your mobile device. Simply select the specific traveler’s name, and their itinerary details will be made available to you.

TI Mobile is designed to consolidate all of your travel information for immediate access, but is not designed to book a new trip. If you wish to book a new trip via your mobile device, you can do so via the following options:

  • If you are a Concur user, there will be a Concur link available on the Home page. Click on this link to be redirected to the Concur Mobile app if downloaded on your mobile device, or it will guide you to a link to download the Concur app.
  • Click on the Travel Hub from the menu page, which will take you to your corporate travel portal. Click on Concur, which will take you to the Concur website to book your trip.
  • Click on “Contact Your Travel Consultant,” and choose from the selected options for click-to-call, chat, or email to make your booking. Note: This option will incur a higher fee than booking online via Concur.
  • For non Concur users, please click on “Contact Your Travel Consultant,” and choose from the selected options for click-to-call, chat, or email to make your booking.

Yes. TI Mobile is set up with a default to the Calendar view. However, to access your trips in a List or Timeline view, simply select “Preferences” on the TI Mobile Home screen, and then click on “App Settings.” Choose either “Calendar View” or “Timeline View” as your personal preference.

Travel Incorporated is always interested in your feedback, and we make it easy for you to tell us your thoughts. You can provide your feedback as follows:

  • Click the feedback tab found on the Home page.
  • If you are reviewing a specific itinerary, click the Menu button and then select Feedback from the option listing.

When you click on eItinerary, you will see a blue circle with a white arrow inside – this is the refresh button. Simply click on the refresh button, and your itineraries will automatically update to any changes since the previous log on. If you continue to have a problem, send your concerns via the feedback tab on the options listing.

Each link within the Travel Hub sends you to a dedicated page outside of the TI Mobile app. For iPhone/IOS users, simply double click on your iphone home button to see the open apps and select TI Mobile – you will be connected back to the app and can continue to view your travel information. From your Android phone, simply click the back arrow to go back or click the square that opens your app history. You can then select the TI Mobile app from your list of running apps.