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How TI is Delivering AI by Leading the Business Travel Community with the TI Bot Engine

No matter the industry, every business travel program is aligned when it comes to the top four challenges:

  • Safety and security of their travelers
  • Quick and easy access to travel data
  • Policy compliance and cost savings
  • Improved user experience

For many, there are simply not enough hours in the day to oversee each area. You need ways to reduce the time to receive information, and time to determine what the data is in order to make effective, fact-based decisions. Travel Incorporated understands these challenges and has harnessed the opportunity within artificial intelligence to bring realtime, “actionable data” to you through the TI Bot Engine.

‘AI’ and ‘Bots’: What are They?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, automates computer processes to understand and mimic the human brain. It combines natural language processing and machine learning to translate computer understanding to speech or text while learning new information from data and behavior without having to be specifically programmed. By bringing these two areas together, computers are now able to respond to specific questions and dramatically improve response time.

A Bot, is short for an Internet Robot. It is a software application that runs automated tasks that are typically structured and repetitive at a much higher rate than would be possible by a human. It allows responses to questions without the actual engagement of another person, for example an online restaurant reservation.

It All Starts with Data

Travel Incorporated has developed a Bot Engine that takes the detail within the data feed and provides it to you in a way that allows you to take action. There is a wealth of information ranging from traveler profiles, activity history, and airline and hotel preferences that make AI perfectly suited to assist clients with personalized information available in real time – simply by asking a question!

Travel Incorporated is responding by bringing the information you need, when you need it, by delivering smart responses to the Travel Manager and push notifications to the Traveler. We base the information on Evolution, TI’s proprietary reporting toolset, and push immediate information to you.

Evolution Voice-response Assistant

E-V-A : Evolution Voice-response Assistant responds to questions through any Amazon voice device and TI Travel Apps
using TI-generated data analytics. E-V-A is powered by the TI Bot Engine’s Artificial Intelligence, providing self-serving
solutions by voice, integrating SMS, and Chat.
Everyone in the organization benefits from E-V-A. Both Travel Program Managers and travelers are provided access to
spend, usages, duty of care, and trip data. When questions are asked, E-V-A quickly responds by communicating with the
TI Bot Engine using artificial intelligence to sort through massive amounts of travel data. So whether in the office or on
the go, E-V-A can provide assistance to get the answers you need.

Travel Manager : Access to data

  • What was my travel spend last quarter?
  • What were the top destinations?
  • What were the top departments?
  • What is my YTD budget usages?
  • Who’s traveling in London right now?

The Traveler : Trip details

  • When is my next trip?
  • What is my flight status?
  • Email me my last three invoices

TI understands that making data actionable is more of a winning proposition than simply having access to data. By moving toward Bot technology and push notifications, TI will ensure its clients and their travelers will have the information you need, when you need it, and how you want it.

Taking AI Beyond E-V-A

The technology behind the TI Bot Engine goes beyond voice recognition, as it enables access to flight status with Watch4Me®, provides information about unused tickets from the Travel Hub, and lends itself to future opportunities including Social Calendars and Duty of Care advancements with GPS-enabled traveler tracking, bringing fully administered triggers during high risk events.

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