As the calendar comes to a close, so does the need for end of year business trips as we set out to finalize 2019 contracts and commence plans for a hugely successful 2020 year ahead. This necessity for travel around the holidays can also lead to unique challenges and sometimes stressful conditions.

In a recent study*, 96% of business travelers travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with 92% of the respondents stating they feel increased stress while on these trips.


When travel during this period is required, travelers should use the below tips to help navigate the stress that comes with this season:

• Try to schedule your meetings Tuesday through Thursday to avoid traveling on Sundays, or returning late on a Friday night.
• Consider potential weather impacts and make sure you schedule some buffer time to allow for potential delays.
• Confirm your attendees and the agenda prior to your trip to ensure the people who you need to attend the meeting will be present, and check if the objective of the trip is worth any added stress on your personal life balance.

Being prepared is the best thing that a traveler can do to mitigate the increased hustle-and-bustle of airports. Depending on your origin and destination, it could be beneficial to think outside the box and book a mode of transportation other than flying, such as rail and rental car options.

Work/Life balance is important and should always be top of mind. Plan ahead and know that your company supports you and cares for both your contribution to the business’ success, but also your well-being.

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