November 6th marks the third month since the restrictions for the “Level 4: Do Not Travel” ban was lifted.  Although this is good news for some, it can be confusing for others as nearly all countries around the world continue their struggle with containing the Covid-19 virus. As of October 20th, there are 52 countries Americans can visit.

To better help you identify where US Citizens are allowed to travel, we have highlighted the key regions below. As we know this information is changing on a daily basis, please continue to monitor destination entry requirements and follow CDC guidelines for your safety and security.



    Antigua and Barbuda Negative test result within 7 days upon arrival and complete health declaration form
    Aruba Online permission process required and Negative test result within 72 hours of arrival
    Barbados Travelers from high risk countries required to quarantine 14 days, or take optional test within 5 days
    Bermuda Travel health insurance and authorization request required within 48 hours of departure and mandatory testing upon arrival required to avoid 14 day quarantine
    Bolivia Negative test within 7 days – only air borders allowed
    Brazil Proof of health insurance and negative test
    Colombia Negative test within 72 hours, complete online pre-travel registration form and download CoronApp to self-report health throughout stay
    Costa Rica US residents allowed as of 11/1, negative test within 72 hours of entry and complete health pass
    Dominican Republic Rapid tests randomly conducted upon entry, affidavit of health required upon arrival
    Ecuador Negative test within 10 days, or obtain test upon arrival
    Guatemala Airports closed, only land entry available. Negative test within 72 hours
    Haiti Negative test result within 72 hours or quarantine for 14 days
    Jamaica Subject to test upon entry w possible quarantine
    Mexico Airports open, land borders closed through 11/21, no quarantine required
    Nicaragua No official restrictions
    Paraguay Mandatory 14 day quarantine, or 7 days with Negative test.  Post quarantine second test will be required
    Uruguay Negative test within 72 hours of entry, or undergo testing at airport with 7-day mandatory quarantine


    Albania No restrictions
    Armenia Health questionnaire and self-quarantine for 14 days
    Croatia Negative test within 48 hours
    Ireland Must self-quarantine 14 days
    Kosovo No testing or quarantine required
    Montenegro Negative test within 72 hours
    North Macedonia No Restrictions in Place
    Serbia No Restrictions in Place
    Slovenia 2 week quarantine
    Turkey Passenger information form and undergo screenings for infection
    United Kingdom Must quarantine for 14 days
    Scotland Must quarantine for 14 days


    Cambodia Negative test within 72 hours
    India Business visa required or emergency authorization
    Maldives Negative test within 72 hours
    Pakistan No Restrictions in Place
    Singapore Only for Dual citizenship and must quarantine for 14 days
    South Korea Must quarantine for 14 days
    Uzbekistan Visa required and Negative test within 72 hours
    French Polynesia Negative test within 72 hours


    Bahrain Passengers required to receive test upon arrival for $80 at their expense
    Jordan Must complete application and receive acceptance QR code within 24 hours of flight.  Negative test within 72 hours also required and also testing upon arrival.  Quarantine for 14 days with additional testing during this period. Passengers must install mobile phone app and agree to health tracking
    Lebanon Negative test within 96 hours, upon arrival accept second test or agree to self-quarantine for 10 days.  Medical form must be completed before boarding flight
    Oman Mandatory test required upon entering and must be pre-booked on Tarassud mobile app
    UAE Negative test within 96 hours or undergo testing at Dubai airports.  Tourists must download Covid app and register their details


    Democratic Republic of Congo No Restrictions in Place
    Egypt Tourist visa required, negative test within 72 hours w/ physical test results.
    Kenya Negative test within 96 hours w health screen upon arrival
     Morocco Negative test within 48 hours
    Namibia Test required and quarantine for 7 days at government approved hotel or camp.  Passengers must be registered with the government
    Nigeria Negative test within 96 hours, and pay for second test within 7 days of stay and complete health questionnaire
    Rwanda Negative test within 72 hours, additional tests required upon arrival
    Tanzania No Restrictions in Place
    Zambia Negative test within two-weeks of arrival, Visa required
    Zimbabwe Negative test within 48 hours

    For a complete listing of country by country status, please read more here– thanks to our fellow industry partners at The Points Guy.

    Travel information provided by Travel Incorporated should not be relied upon as legal or medical advice. Travelers should visit the World Health Organization or local sites for the latest most accurate information on specific travel requirements and restrictions. Travel Incorporated disclaims any and all liability for any loss resulting from reliance on such information.


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