Airport Security

Whether it is the use of biometrics or simply the validation of your photo ID, we have summarized the new technologies under review at various airports to bring you the very latest on airport security and speed of boarding.

TSA Pre-Check

Just bring your ID, no travel documents required: Already in place at Ronald Regan Washington National Airport, Dulles International airport, and O’Hare International Airport, the TSA is now testing the Credential Authentication Technology at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The TSA started testing a new technology for pre-check travelers that only requires a photo ID. The Credential Authentication Technology is expected to verify the authenticity of a passenger photo ID and validate information from the ID against TSA’s Secure Flight vetting system, enhancing the detection capabilities for fraudulent documents at the security checkpoint.

How does it work? Pre-check passengers just need to hand their photo ID to the TSA agent at the security checkpoint. A boarding pass won’t even be required. Then, the TSA agent will scan the passenger’s ID in the credential authentication technology system. The technology is expected to verify the authenticity of the document and cross-reference against the Secure Flight database.


No ID, just your fingerprints: On the flipside of the TSA Pre-Check testing is Delta’s partnership with (and part ownership of) CLEAR, which simply requires your fingerprint to replace your boarding pass. Currently used at Ronald Regan Washington National Airport, this customer testing is available to Delta Skymiles members registered with CLEAR to not only speed up the security screening, but to board the plane!

As CLEAR powers the back end of the system, it is expected to speed up the boarding process giving employees more time to interact with customers and provide a higher level of accuracy than the current paper passes. Based upon the results of the testing, Delta expects this to expand across its domestic network in a matter of months.

This isn’t the only new technology being offered by Delta – biometrics are also being tested in Minneapolis with the self-service bag service. Machines are using facial recognition to match the customers with their passport photos.

Twenty-three of the busiest airports where Delta flies now feature CLEAR service which allows the travelers to bypass TSA lines. Timing on the rollout of the CLEAR Boarding process remains dependent on the current testing at Ronald Regan Washington National Airport.

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