In today’s business travel environment, it is imperative to combine both your corporate culture with company goals when reviewing or drafting your company travel policy. In previous years, most companies focused only on the financially driven priorities. Focusing on elements that are most valued by travelers could often impact the bottom line even more. A survey of more than 5,000 travelers revealed what is most important to them, and what you should know. Findings include:


Forty-eight percent of business travelers indicated that the ability to control their own bookings, including changes, is the most important element of a travel program. Empowering travelers and equipping them with the best mobile-ready, self-service tools will improve their overall experience.

Safety and Wellbeing

Nearly one-third of the travelers noted that having a safe and convenient location to stay during their trip is a priority. Ensuring your travel policy has strong per diem allowances and a solid, relevant hotel inventory will increase your travelers’ safety and satisfaction.

Quality and Convenience

Thirty percent of travelers cite having travel times that work best for their schedule as being important. Most of the business travelers also want to be able to fly direct. Balancing the convenience of non-stop flight options with a competitively benchmarked average ticket price will provide strong direction when setting your approval levels.

Overall, travelers want to do the right thing for their company, with 82% always booking within policy. The most common reason given for booking outside of policy is the inability to book far enough in advance due to changing schedules. Incorporating more of these valued aspects into your program’s policy will give your travelers even more reason to be happy with their traveling position and to book within your policy.

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