Government Warning System

Understanding the complexity, frequency of change, and overall challenges around staying up to date with potential impacts to our travelers’ safety, the U.S. State Department has launched a new travel warning system which is designed to advise travelers of risk levels for individual countries, as well as provide information that will help them prepare for their travel.

This mobile-friendly platform,, provides a heat map that identifies countries within the following risk levels:

1. Exercise normal precautions.
2. Exercise increased caution.
3. Reconsider travel.
4. Do not travel (greater likelihood of life-threatening risks and limited ability of the U.S. government to provide assistance during an emergency).

govt warning img

The ratings are based on threats such as civil unrest, terrorism, natural disasters, health risks, and crime. Each country’s page also offers country-specific details, such as local laws and customs information.

The State Department’s warning system is not designed to replace your current duty of care program, but to complement it by assisting travelers directly with tools that include:

  • A “know before you go” travel checklist
  • Safety and security information
  • Information for those with special considerations
  • Tips on what to do if something goes wrong on your trip

Travel Incorporated recommends that our clients add the website to your Travel Hubs for easy access by your employees.

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