Frequent business travelers want to have as much information and control of their trip as possible. Convenience and a better travel experience are essential to a road warrior’s satisfaction levels. The frequent traveler wants to have self-service tools that are available through their mobile devices and provide the detail of information they expect to easily maneuver through their entire trip.

All-in-One Booking

Travelers prefer booking their hotels at the same time as they book their flights. In a survey completed by International Air Transport Association (IATA), 53% of travelers took care of both reservations during the same booking. This is good news for the travel managers and the travel program’s bottom line. Hotel attachment (booking a hotel at the same time as booking a flight) saves the company money. Many travelers (32%) also booked a car, indicating that ridesharing has not had too much effect on business travel.

The Information Age

While embracing the use of mobile technology, many travelers feel they are not getting enough realtime disruption notifications. Services like Travel Incorporated’s Watch4Me® can help alleviate that frustration. Watch4Me® is a program, not another app, that sends push notifications to your travelers’ cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch if there is any change to his travel plans – in real time. This includes everything from gate changes to flight cancellations.

Increasing Wi-Fi Services

The study also showed that needing Wi-Fi connectivity is a given, but it needs to offer more. Primarily, travelers want to get ahead on planning their arrival. They want to be able to search for connecting flight information, plan their journey, and pre-fill Customs forms.

What’s Next:

The IATA survey indicated travelers are the least satisfied with the portion of their trips that takes place within the airport, itself, from security to customs to boarding. With technology moving toward travelers needing to share more personal data, such as with biometric technology, passengers want to know their personal information is safe.

Travel Incorporated is here to help you take the stress out of your business travelers’ plans. Ask your TI Account Manager what technology products we might have to meet your needs

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