Hotels are Attracting Business Travelers

Road warriors have often had to forego their well-being when traveling, but hotel chains have realized that traveler satisfaction goes beyond free Wi-Fi. Whether it’s the ability to find healthier food options or fit a workout into their schedule, business travelers expect a few key perks and services in exchange for their loyalty. Popular hotel chains are overhauling their brands to appeal to both business and leisure travelers. Here are four ways hotels are improving their services and attracting business travelers:

1. Innovative Designs

Hotels are emphasizing sleek, modern designs that favor today’s high-tech world, but that haven’t compromised on homey touches. The designs are functional, allowing a business traveler to switch between work and relaxation. The importance of work space flows outside of the room, as well. Many hotels have incorporated small meeting spaces in their lobbies where someone can work alone or collaborate with up to ten colleagues. The Crowne Plaza Hotel even offers tablets that allow travelers to order food and drinks without having to interrupt their work.

2. Retooling Restaurants

When The Westin Chicago Northwest was purchased, the acquiring company interviewed some of their regular guests to find out what changes they would like to see. They found that a consistent demand, specifically from the business travelers, was more dining options. The Westin Chicago now offers a grab-and-go eatery, a casual restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, and a Starbucks. While not all hotels can have that many options in their limited spaces, many have implemented a grab-and-go section that is open 24/7, as well as healthier, fresher options within their restaurants.

3. Seamless Service

Travelers want an easy and personalized travel experience. The busy corporate traveler just wants things to work. Most hotels push their mobile apps to achieve a more satisfying stay. Many apps do more than allow travelers to check in or check out. Some offer floorplans, a local feature with recommendations on where to go, and direct access to Uber.

4. Wellness- and Fitness-Focused Amenities

Many hotels use their onsite fitness centers in their price negotiations. They are starting to offer more of a variety within their fitness centers, as well. Even Hotels, an InterContinental Hotel brand, offers fitness items right in the guest’s room, such as stability balls, resistance bands, yoga mats, and standing desks for working. Hilton began a new “Five Feet to Fitness” room that is high tech and offers multiple workout options.

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