With geopolitical tensions rising, regions once considered stable for traveler safety may now need to be reviewed. Business must continue, but companies sending travelers on international trips may want to be more aware of regional dynamics and take any necessary precautions.


Protests and riots are becoming more prevalent in Europe due to disagreements about European populism. Business travelers should avoid large gatherings where political fires may get fueled. It is best to keep a low profile and avoid speaking controversially when traveling in and through Europe, especially in the U.K.


Not all safety concerns are political. Hurricane season can affect travelers in the United States and Mexico, along with other types of widespread weather disturbances, such as fires. In Central and South America, antigovernment protests, specifically in Nicaragua and Venezuela, are leading to lawlessness and the uprising of criminal and militia groups.

The Middle East and North Africa

Rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with the U.S. decision to withdraw from deals with Iran and the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, has caused groups to escalate into rioting and gunfire. Travelers should avoid crowded areas and the West Bank. Travelers may bear the brunt of anti-Western feelings.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Political unrest and attempted coups of heads of state are being met with increased violence. Armed groups in Sudan, Somalia, Mali, and Central Africa are a threat to travelers. Business travelers to these areas should have protection agents and use chauffeured travel to increase their safety.

Asia Pacific

Tensions that have always been heavy between the U.S. and North Korea have eased recently due to positive and calm summit meetings that have taken place between the two nations. Travelers should still be aware of their surroundings and stay vigilant.

Travel Incorporated is invested in your travelers’ safety. You can rest assured that we are monitoring international situations and using our proprietary TI Travel Watch programs to identify and locate any of your travelers who may be at risk.


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