Traveler uses digital technology to reduce travel costs and procurement

Travel Managers strive to balance traveler safety, comfort, policy compliance, and the company’s bottom line – a challenge that sometimes makes them the ultimate tightrope walkers. The travel industry is ever-changing, and new technology keeps getting introduced. So, how can Travel Managers use technology to optimize their travel program? Here are four ways travel technology can work for you.

1. Forward-Thinking Technology

Today’s traveler wants the flexibility of self-service technology with the ability to contact a travel consultant when difficult circumstances arise. Ensure your travelers have tools that provide information – such as flight disruption updates like a gate change or delayed/canceled flight – access to all ticketed itineraries and previous invoices, and a sense of comfort, control, and convenience they expect.

2. Customizable Reporting Dashboards

Travel program managers typically have multiple areas of responsibility and little time to pull or analyze reports. Data Analytics not only provides historical detail of travel spend, but opportunities to guide your travelers’ behavioral changes. In order to achieve a solid year-over-year cost recovery program, the data needs to be easy to access and understand. Graphical dashboards can provide the information you need in today’s work environment.

3. Maximized Online Booking Tool

Using technology to integrate and customize your online booking tool offers time and cost saving advantages. Listing your company’s preferred vendors keeps your travelers booking within policy and using those hard-earned negotiated rates. The ability to void, exchange, or cancel a reservation through the online booking tool alleviates the need to pay higher agent-assisted costs.

4. Duty of Care Integration

Your travelers’ safety and security is your number one priority, and the technology you use to support this requirement matters. Whether you are using a third party to provide local support via healthcare options that sync with your travel management company, or technology directly from your TMC, you need to have the tools that identify your travelers’ locations and make it easy to communicate with them on an individual or group basis.

Take advantage of the travel technology you have to reduce your costs, save time, and protect your travelers. Ask your Travel Incorporated Account Manager what cost-saving tools are available for your travel program.

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