Delta has announced a new boarding process which will take effect on January 23, 2019, that eliminates the traditional zone boarding and introduces a process based on ticket type and color. The change expands the number of boarding groups from six to eight, although Delta hopes it will actually speed up the boarding process.

Group Changes

  • Sky Priority Zone used to include Comfort+, Gold Medallion Members, and Platinum Medallion Members. It is now being split into two groups – Delta Comfort+ in one group, and Sky Priority (Gold and Platinum Medallion Members) in another.
  • Zones 1-3 are now being called Main Cabin 1-3
  • Zone 4 is now being called Basic Economy

Boarding Order 

Delta is simplifying their booking process for passengers with color-coded groups. Everything up through Diamond/First Class will remain the same. Beyond First Class, the boarding order will be:

  • Delta Comfort+
  • Sky Priority
  • Main Cabin 1-3 (Delta credit card holders and Silver Medallion Members will board with Main Cabin 1)
  • Basic Economy

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