Incentive travel is a highly attractive reward that can be used to encourage employees to increase sales and improve performance. It doesn’t only motivate your top performers, however. Other employees may drive their sales, as well, to compete for a spot on a coveted incentive trip. Incentive travel is a positive way for a company to invest back into itself and its employees.

Outcomes of Incentive Travel

Incentive travel provides powerful drive to achieving multiple outcomes.

  • Sales incentives – Targeting sales teams to promote and sell a specific product
  • Channel partner incentives – Engaging your reseller partners so that your product is at the forefront
  • Employee engagement – Motivating and inspiring staff to increase productivity

Benefits of Incentive Travel

Some companies struggle to justify how giving employees a “vacation” is an effective use of their budget. Here are five benefits that highlight the positive results that implementing incentive travel can bring to your company.

  1. Achieve business goals – Provide focus, encouraging employees to consider exactly what they need to do to achieve their goal. Boost morale and teamwork, improving the work environment.
  1. Universal appeal – A vacation appeals to everyone as a reward. While a cash bonus is also an attractive reward, travel still tops the list.
  1. Memorable experience – Travel provides a memorable experience for the employees, making them feel like their hard work paid off. Employees who benefit from an incentive trip will likely talk about it to their colleagues, causing additional employees to be motivated to earn the trip next time.
  1. Increased loyalty – Reward winners are likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty toward their employer for having their work recognized. Employees who feel appreciated become more engaged in continuing to drive positive outcomes.
  1. Tailored for every budget – Incentive trips can be tailored to suit any budget, whether it’s a weekend getaway or an all-inclusive resort style vacation of a lifetime. Different trips will fit different employees, allowing the reward to feel even more customized.

If you are considering implementing an incentive travel program, or need assistance with planning and support, Travel Incorporated can step in and take on the heavy lifting through our wholly owned group travel division, Group Travel Partners – white glove service and attention to every detail.

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  1. Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson says:

    That is a good point that people who earn rewards will have a deeper sense of loyalty. That is something I would want to have at my work so we could work harder. Maybe it would be good to suggest a sales incentive program for my boss soon.

  2. tube8
    tube8 says:

    Travel Incorporated has a great company culture and a very welcoming atmosphere. They care about their employees and offer good insurance and benefits.


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