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Four Things You Need to Know About Biometric Airport Screening

Get ready to smile. Facial recognition machines are slowly popping up at local airports across the country and many travelers may be uninformed about this new security measure. Thoughts and questions about privacy come to mind leaving some fearing the face scanning machines. Here are four things you need to know about the biometric airport […]

How-To: Southwest Airlines Boarding Process

How does the Southwest Airlines boarding process work? Southwest Airlines has a unique boarding process in which seats are not assigned. Instead,  you are assigned a boarding group (A, B, or C) and a boarding position (1-60) on your boarding pass, which will determine when you board the flight. Passengers in the “A” group board […]

The Ultimate Chicago Travel Guide

Are you attending this year’s GBTA Conference in Chicago? Or perhaps just traveling to Chicago for a business trip and want to take a little bleisure time to experience the city? We’ve gathered some tips, tricks and must-sees from TI’s travelers to provide you with the ultimate guide to experiencing Chicago: Indulge in Chicago-Style Food […]

Costs and Cancellations Continue for 737 Max

The initial grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft in March created significant shifts in business and leisure travel plans, impacting thousands of consumers and costing airlines hundreds of millions of dollars. This past week, Boeing announced its 2d quarter earnings and the financial impacts to them in this quarter alone are likely to be […]

Travel Friction: The Impact of Heavy, Sustained Business Travel on Your Employees

Today’s travelers – whether road warriors or frequent international fliers – are exposed to long days, sometimes uncomfortable seats, and poor quality food, all while preparing for client meetings and managing numerous areas of follow up. This lifestyle can take a significant toll on employee motivation, health and satisfaction. The “wear and tear” on these travelers actually has a term […]

Environmentally Sustainable Travel Tips

Practicing environmental sustainability helps to ensure that our communities are healthy and clean for both ourselves and future generations. While we cannot individually control the carbon emissions from our flights, the chemicals that hotels use, or the plastics and non-recyclable materials used by vendors in the locations that we visit, making simple choices to lessen […]

The New Technology of Car Rental Companies

The car rental experience for the business traveler can be long and stressful. After arriving from a flight, the last thing someone wants to encounter is a lengthy line, an incorrect reservation, or lack of transparency throughout the rental process. Fortunately, car rental providers have noticed the unnecessary pressure that customers feel and have started […]

Free Wi-Fi on Planes May Become the Norm

Whether flying domestically or internationally, staying connected is the expectation of most business travelers. The thought of flying without Wi-Fi is unbearable and it does make you wonder why airlines are still charging for what seems to be a necessity.  Delta may have just turned free internet in the sky into a reality by recently […]