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Does Boarding Sequence Impact Choice of Flight?

What boarding process is best? That’s the age-old question that lingers in the airline industry and among frequent flyers. With there being no one standard process that all airlines adhere to, it leaves room for travelers to question the process and even prefer certain carriers over the other. It also leaves room for airlines to […]

Year-End Business Travel: Planning Reduces Stress

As the calendar comes to a close, so does the need for end of year business trips as we set out to finalize 2019 contracts and commence plans for a hugely successful 2020 year ahead. This necessity for travel around the holidays can also lead to unique challenges and sometimes stressful conditions. In a recent […]

Impact of Flight Disruptions

It’s the inevitable and at any point in time a business traveler will likely have to face the inconvenience of a significant delay or cancellation.  Unfortunately, it is not only the personal inconvenience of changes in travel plans that impacts the traveler, but it’s the impact to losing valuable time with clients as well as […]

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines will continue Boeing 737 Max cancellation until March 2020

The unfortunate deadly crashes of two Boeing 737 Max jets have left travelers skeptical of flying the aircraft. This uncertainty has urged two U.S. carriers, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, to further delay the return of the aircraft to their schedules. Improvements are in progress to fix the problem that caused the crashes, but how […]

Top Airlines for 2019

Flying to and from meetings and conferences is essential in today’s business marketplace. The reality is that if you have to sit on a plane for multiple hours before reaching your final destination or meeting point, then you want to have the best experience as possible. JD Power recently released the 2019 North American Airline […]

How a Recession Would Impact Business Travel

The travel industry has performed very well in the last 10 years, but with strong performance now, comes a chance of decline later. A future recession will have an impact on business travel and some companies have already taken notice. Changes in the Economy Economies around the world are softening and there is uncertainty concerning […]

Why Everyone Should Have a Frequent Flyer Number

What are the benefits of having a Frequent Flyer number? While the perks of joining a frequent flyer program vary from carrier to carrier, all programs offer benefits to travelers, and most are completely free – so there’s no reason not to sign up! Once you are enrolled in a program, you can begin earning […]