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Getting the Most of Your TSA Benefits

TSA PreCheck is a well-known, fairly inexpensive option for frequent travelers to get through preliminary security screening faster, allowing you to get to your gate on time. Some benefits of TSA PreCheck include getting an exclusive security lane, not having to remove items from your carry-on bag, and not having to remove shoes or other […]

Boeing 737 Max 8: What’s Next?

Investigations into what caused two Boeing 737 Max 8 flights to crash in similar ways less than six months apart are still ongoing. Inspections found that both ill-fated aircraft were missing safety features that could have helped the pilots identify the source of erratic speed and altitude changes. These safety features were optional, and Boeing […]

Reviewing Shifts in Travel Spend

Second only to employee salary and benefits, the T&E category is an area of cost control that should be analyzed and evaluated each year to determine opportunities for further cost reduction. It is important to keep in mind the need for balancing the culture of your company with the safety and comfort of your travelers. […]

Premium Classes of Service

Airlines are continuing to adjust their seating configurations, associated pricing, and perceived value to business travelers. How do you determine if it is the right time to consider amending your program to adjust your policy and decision criteria around elevated in-flight experiences? TI can help: What is a Premium class, and how does it differ […]

Four Ways Technology Can Reduce Your Travel Costs

Travel Managers strive to balance traveler safety, comfort, policy compliance, and the company’s bottom line – a challenge that sometimes makes them the ultimate tightrope walkers. The travel industry is ever-changing, and new technology keeps getting introduced. So, how can Travel Managers use technology to optimize their travel program? Here are four ways travel technology […]

Starwood Data Breach

Data breaches are becoming ever more prevalent across all industries. The recent breach of Starwood exposed personally identifiable information of up to 500 million Starwood guests. Security concerns like this raise questions of more secure payment options. Inevitably, virtual cards will enter the conversation. With a hotel chain the size of Starwood, simply deciding not […]

Business Travel Industry Remains Optimistic for 2019

Many corporate travelers and managers are concerned about slowdown warnings on 2019 business travel growth. Situations like the December-January government shutdown and a recent travel advisory from the U.S. State Department cautioning visitors to China has some feeling skeptical. However, the U.S. Travel Association’s data suggests that, moving forward in 2019, the business travel industry […]

The Government Shutdown Ends

President Trump announced that the government shutdown will end for a period of three weeks until February 15, 2019. The temporary agreement allows a three-week period for further discussions and negotiations. An end to the shutdown, however, may not mean everything returns to normal immediately. While the government shutdown affected all travelers in some way, […]

Travel Incorporated’s Voice Data Solution Nears Launch As Other Developers Show Mixed Enthusiasm

  By Jay Campbell • Feb. 8, 2019 Read the article on the Company Dime’s site: https://www.thecompanydime.com/travel-incorporated-voice/ Download as a PDF: TheCompanyDime-Travel-Inc Georgia-based Travel Incorporated expects later this month to publish its voice-response assistant on Amazon’s Alexa Skills store. The product remained in the design stage for nearly two years as the travel management company learned how […]

Women Traveling for Business: Tips to Stay Safe

Women are the most rapidly growing demographic in business travel today. Over half of travel programs in 2018 had a higher percentage of female travelers compared to 2-3 years ago. Yet, with so many women traveling for business, there is a vast deficiency in programs dedicated to helping these travelers feel safe. Women Face Safety […]