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Unused Ticket Expirations: What You Need to Know

As we approach the anniversary of the Covid-19 travel impacts, this is also a time when some of your traveler’s unused tickets are nearing expiration as they were booked prior to the airlines offering fee waivers and extensions. This edition of TI Insights provides reminders of how we support your unused ticket needs, to ensure […]

American Airlines and JetBlue Alliance: New Partnership Benefits

American Airlines and JetBlue announced plans for a Northeast-focused alliance last summer. They recently kicked off their partnership with nearly 80 codeshares, 33 new routes, schedule coordination and more. TI has outlined the major takeaways from the partnership: Loyalty Integration Starting on February 25, customers flying on codeshares will earn miles with the carrier through […]


Airlines Worldwide Temporarily Ground Boeing 777 Aircraft with Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 Engine Following Incident

Boeing has recommended all airlines temporarily suspend Boeing 777 aircraft with the same engine type as the United Airlines flight from Denver to Honolulu that suffered an engine failure on February 20th.  The incident included the failure of the aircraft’s Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 engine mid-flight, fortunately no injuries were reported aboard the aircraft or […]

Requirement or Encouragement

How Travel and Procurement Managers Approach the Vaccination of Covid-19 before Returning to Travel Many companies are considering not only the legalities, but safety aspects, of requiring their employees to take the Covid-19 vaccine prior to either returning to the office locations, or for approving business travel. This article approaches the topic, not with a […]

Travelers Face New Requirements Post-Brexit

Effective January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom officially severed ties with the European Union, and U.K. citizens faced new travel regulations as a result. The U.K. is now considered a “third country” with limitations put on the free travel between countries. As each of the EU states remain sovereign nations, each country has control over […]

Digital Health Passports: The Future of Vaccine Validation

Proof of Vaccination is nothing new for many international travelers to specific destinations, however, how travelers will be sharing and providing vaccine validation in the future will be changing, and likely in a digital format. What is a Health Passport? The term health passport, or health pass, generally refers to documents – either in paper […]

What a COVID Vaccine Could Mean for Business Travelers

Monday, December 14, marks an historic day with the delivery and first distribution of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine in the United States.  Following the FDAs approval, the first round of Covid vaccines will be distributed to 20 million people, 17 million healthcare professionals and 3.6 million to elderly in nursing homes.  It is anticipated that […]

Opportunities for Pre-Trip/Upon-Arrival and At-Home Testing

Pre-trip Covid testing has become an option for travelers to avoid quarantine in many locations, or to meet travel requirements in others. Nearly all international travel now requires a negative Covid test, and the CDC recommends testing both before and after traveling in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Making Testing Accessible Airlines […]

2021 Business Travel Outlook

How Potential Vaccines and Rapid Testing will Impact 2021 Business Travel Recovery Over the past few weeks, we have experienced a considerable rise in Covid-19 cases around the world, resulting in new country lockdowns, regressions on business operations and schools returning to virtual learning. As disappointing as this is, the past few weeks also shed some considerable light […]