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Pre-Trip Notification or Pre-Trip Approvals: What is Right for Your Organization?

Over the past few months, many of our customers have enhanced their travel management programs to include a more structured process for ensuring safety through Duty of Care, as well as spend management through policy adjustments. Finding the right balance to oversee travel due diligence, while staying true to your company culture and traveler convenience […]

How Rapid Testing May Bring International Travel Back

Every country around the world is balancing the need for the containment of the COVID virus as they work towards stimulating their economy.  As a result, experts are suggesting a negative COVID test result within 48 hours to 7 days prior to entry. Many countries are already accepting the documentation in lieu of an extended […]

Business Travel: The Benefits over Video Calls

Nearly everyone has experienced some form of video conferencing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and although it has been a great way to stay in contact while remaining socially distant, and seems like a great way to reduce travel time and costs – is it bringing you the value you expect? The answer is probably not […]

TSA Tests Facial Recognition Technology for Contactless Identity Verification

As contactless travel options gain popularity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TSA has begun rolling out tests for a new touchless “self-service” technology to verify traveler identification. How Contactless Facial Scanning Works The process allows travelers to insert their ID into the scanner, rather than handing it to a TSA officer, reducing contact […]

How does the Removal of Change Fees Impact your Travel Program?

United, Delta, American and Alaska Airlines recently eliminated change fees from their domestic programs.  On the surface, this appears to be extremely good news for corporate travel programs, as the typical domestic change fee can be as much as $200 per ticket. However, there is clear room for review and consideration of how fee removal […]

Return to Travel Planning – Hotel Negotiations

This 3rd segment in TI’s Return to Travel Planning series focuses on the Hotel Industry. There have been conflicting opinions in the press as to if, let alone when, the timing might be right to reengage with your global hotel partners. This article focuses on the state of the hotel industry, how we are seeing it rebound, and our recommendations as you consider […]

Return to Travel Planning – International Flight Availability & Re-Entry Requirements

Many of our clients requested more information on how international travel is expanding, given the recent announcement of the US removing the ban restrictions.  We have listed all international routes by the top 3 domestic carriers, including each destination’s ‘Restriction Tracker’ rating as calculated by www.openupforbusiness.com. Each airline is scheduling their international routes based upon ease […]

Return to Travel Planning – Traveler Readiness: What your Travelers Need to Know, Before & During their Trip

TI continues to provide ongoing guidance and recommendations as you develop your Return to Travel program. This issue focuses on the traveler; what they should be aware of and actions they should take as part of their pre- trip preparation, as well as during their journey. For your convenience, we have prepared a traveler infographic, which you can […]