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Environmentally Sustainable Travel Tips

Practicing environmental sustainability helps to ensure that our communities are healthy and clean for both ourselves and future generations. While we cannot individually control the carbon emissions from our flights, the chemicals that hotels use, or the plastics and non-recyclable materials used by vendors in the locations that we visit, making simple choices to lessen […]

The New Technology of Car Rental Companies

The car rental experience for the business traveler can be long and stressful. After arriving from a flight, the last thing someone wants to encounter is a lengthy line, an incorrect reservation, or lack of transparency throughout the rental process. Fortunately, car rental providers have noticed the unnecessary pressure that customers feel and have started […]

Free Wi-Fi on Planes May Become the Norm

Whether flying domestically or internationally, staying connected is the expectation of most business travelers. The thought of flying without Wi-Fi is unbearable and it does make you wonder why airlines are still charging for what seems to be a necessity.  Delta may have just turned free internet in the sky into a reality by recently […]


A Travel Policy for the Digital Age

Balancing higher traveler satisfaction ensuring all travel costs are being recovered and controlled, is a major objective for many modern businesses, and updating your travel policy to be current with today’s technology is essential to achieving that balance. This balance will likely require making a few minor adjustments while keeping an eye on where your […]

The Ten Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel

Average per diem rates continue to increase in the U.S. Hotels remain the most expensive component of an itinerary (given a multiple night stay). However, the cost of ground transportation, meals, and ancillaries, whether parking or simply grabbing a sandwich on the go, can dramatically impact the per diem based on the destination. Management consultant […]

The REAL ID Act: Some States Still Not Compliant

As all of us in the Business Travel community have been closely monitoring the varying levels of compliance for the REAL ID Act, many states continue to lack the proper validation to meet these requirements. Driver’s licenses from five states may not be valid for domestic flights soon. The REAL ID Act, a law that […]

NDC – SAP Concur Fusion 2019 Industry Panel

Panelists: Linwood Hayes, Chief Information Officer, Travel Incorporated Erika Moore, VP & GM U.S. Sales, Travelport Anthony Toth, Managing Director – Digital Sales, United Airlines As a follow up to our TI Insights article of May 17, 2018, which outlined the basics of NDC, this year’s SAP Concur Fusion industry panel outlined what their organizations […]

UA Puts Renewed Focus on Customer Service

United Airlines has announced changes in policy to put its customers first, above on-time statistics and other important metrics. As one part of their approach, United plans to delay their own flights if multiple passengers are late for their connection. United Airlines President Scott Kirby announced that, to win business, United will focus on service, […]